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Grace Schwindt

NÉE EN 1979 en Allemagne
Vit et travaille à Londres

« Grace Schwindt works with film, live performance, sculpture and drawing. Through her work she unfolds visual narratives exploring the effects of capitalist culture upon the body and psyche of the individual. She analyses the role that bodies, language and objects play in the construction of history and memory. Her process often originates from specific research and conversations with a wide range of people including activists, artists, musicians, politicians, refugees or her own family members. Many of her works examine aspects of historical events with an emphasis on social relations. It is however never obvious where the line between fiction and non-fiction is drawn. The different media employed are connected and intertwined, shapes from costumes reappear in drawings while sculptures echo performative gestures. »

Texte provenant du site de l’artiste

Site de l’artiste :

Festival Parallèle KOMM’N’ACT-7
13 au 29 janvier 2017

Galerie des grands bains douches de la Plaine

35 bis rue de la Bibliothèque
13001 Marseille, France
Tél. : 04 91 47 87 92

Horaires d'ouverture
Du mardi au samedi de
15h00 à 19h00

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