Supporting art-cade

Why support ART-CADE?

The ART-CADE Association has been supporting the professionalisation of emerging artists in the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region for more 20 years. The Association which acts as a real talent-spotter, helps the artists of the future to become visible by offering them the possibility to show their work and by supporting them in the realisation of their projects.

Art-cade offers artists the necessary time and space, after leaving school and before entering the professional world, to experiment their project with different audiences, art enthusiasts and professionals alike. In its endeavour to support and introduce the public to challenging works of art, Art-cade reserves a special place for projects which focus on the city – an artwork made up by each and every one day after day. This stance comes from the observation that the public we welcome is inceasingly interested in the way in which artists see the urban space and imagine creative and innovative propositions that define renewed living areas. Young architects, landscape designers and city planners, the creators of the cities of the future, also find their place in Art-cade’s programming. Art-cade is a pool of artistic and architectural talents as well as a meeting ground for creators and audiences. It is supported by the State and the local authorities in the missions they conduct in the general interest. Sponsoring and partnerships remain however essential to help Art-cade carry out and develop the projects it supports and contribute to their influence.

This leaflet gives details on the various possibilities to become a partner or sponsor of Art-cade : sponsorship in kind, exchanges, financial support, donations...