Archist project

ARCHIST art + architecture + countryside

The aim of the ARCHIST project is to set up a program of exhibitions, encounters, walks and build a venue for mobile art (object shared by artists and architects), that will roam the different areas in the region of Marseille and put forward exhibitions, workshops and artistic experiments.

ARCHIST is the fission between the imaginations of artists and architects so as to trigger an in-depth thought process on the city and contemporary creation.


ARCHIST’s associates:

A project carried out by artists and architects

In 2009 ART-CADE set up an action plan that will carry the ARCHIST project up to 2013. The project provides for a series of cultural events with a number of tools, a gallery, a bus and a mobile structure. In this way, all the energy deployed since 1993 comes to fruition and becomes visible. Prior to ARCHIST, Marseille was closed in on the ramparts of the city, whose mission was to protect people and their belongings…

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